Summer skin care: Baby skin problems in summer season

Summer skin care: Baby skin problems in summer season

Posted on 10 August, 2016      1415 Views

When discussing summer skin care, summer is a great time to get out there and play with your baby. Since so many summer activities take place in the great outdoors, though, a baby’s skin is exposed more than any other time of the year. A number of baby skin problems are more likely in the summer than at other times of the year. Parents should always remember that a baby’s skin is very susceptible to irritants and chemicals, so precautions should be taken before enjoying the summer weather outside with their baby.

Summer skin care: Protect your Baby from major skin problems that occur in summer season

Babies might experience sensitivity to grass or the chemicals used to treat lawns, so drop a beach towel, picnic cloth, or blanket over the grassy area where a baby might sit. If a baby gets a mosquito bite during the summer, clean the bite with soap and water and apply a calamine lotion to stop the bite from itching. For parents that would like a homemade substitute to calamine lotion, a baking soda water paste can also be used as an anti-itch remedy. Simply mix the baking soda with water until it’s a spreadable consistency and apply it to the bite. Another baby related summer skin problem is sunburn. In the early life of a baby its skin is thin and delicate, it can easily get sunburned. One bad scenario of sunburned problem in babies is that it doubles the chances of suffering from the most deadly kind of skin cancer, called malignant melanoma.

Heat rash: This is the major summer skin problems. The rashes can occur on babies’ skin in many areas; It shows up as tiny red bumps on the face, neck, armpits, and upper torso, and can make for one very cranky. That’s because the bumps which are caused by clogged sweat-gland pores that trap perspiration are pretty darn itchy and uncomfortable.

How to protect baby skin problems? Baby skin care maintenance for the summer season

To protect the skin of babies during the summer months, parents should try to cover up as much of the child’s skin as possible with lightweight summer clothes. For the areas that are exposed to sunlight, parents should apply a specifically designed sunscreen lotion for babies, remembering to add it to the feet and lower leg. Parents can adopt cleaning habits that help keep their baby’s skin healthy and deter many common skin problems from arising. Bonnets and sun hats also help to keep the sun away from babies’ delicate skin.

How to treat sunburn in babies during the summer: First, cool the skin by gently applying a cold, wet washcloth for ten to fifteen minutes, three or four times a day, until the redness goes away. Then soothe the skin with aloe vera gel or a mild hypoallergenic moisturizer. Always consult a doctor if the sunburn is anything other than mild.

How to prevent sunburn:

When it comes to summer skin care, there’s a lot you can do to keep your baby from getting burned. Dress your baby in a hat with a wide brim and lightweight clothes made of tightly woven fabric. And about fifteen to thirty minutes before going outside, apply sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher and waterproof). With younger babies under six months, dab a small amount on exposed skin and rely on shade and clothing such as long sleeves and pants to do the rest.

How to treat heat rash:

Cool your prickly tot with a lukewarm bath. Use a mild soap and mix any powder or lotion after, which can further block pores. The rash will usually fade within a week, but call the doctor if you see pustules and swelling.

How to prevent heat rash:

Keep your baby from getting too hot and bothered in the first place. In sweltering weather, cut down on the time she spends hanging out in a sling or carrier (your body heat plus the lack of ventilation isn’t a great combo) and dress your tot in loose-fitting, lightweight clothes.