Fisher Price Kick ‘N’ Play Piano Gym Review

Fisher Price Kick ‘N’ Play Piano Gym Review

Posted on 2 August, 2016      1397 Views

Fisher Price Kick 'N' Play Piano Gym

This review is about a wonderful gift called Fisher Price Kick ‘N’ Play Piano Gym which i found for my little cute recently . Me and my baby love it so much. So i would like to review it. I am sure you will also like it.

It was my niece’s first birthday and I wanted to gift her unique gift. I searched everything from toys to educational stuff but that didn’t go well. So, I searched on internet for something which is more fun and attractive. I wanted to gift her something special and fun to play with. I tried nearby market stores but that was disappointing as everyone was showing the same old gifts from 90’s.

After a week I went to a new store fully dedicated to toys for every age group. They showed me like hundreds of stuffs but one thing caught my eye it was Fisher Price Kick ‘N’ Play Piano Gym. With vibrant colors and pleasing sound, it was the perfect gift for my niece. But I was little concerned about the price of the product as I was a student and I had a limited budget. I didn’t want to get disappointed again and hopefully the cards were on my side.

The product was comparatively cheap and within my budget. Fortunately, I got a discount of additional 10% as the store was new in the locality. I was very happy and bought the toy for my niece. At her birthday, she tried it for the first time and her expression was everything to me, worth every single penny. She was very happy and enjoyed every single bit of it. The product is made up of good quality material and looks cute and attractive. My niece is now 3 years old and still enjoys it like the first day.

Fisher Price Kick ‘N’ Play Piano Gym Negatives and Positives

• It’s almost impossible to assemble if you don’t have any part. I mean it’s hard to find its alternative.Fisher Price Kick 'N' Play Piano Gym
• The sound is very low sometimes and it’s almost inaudible.
• It consumes a lot of battery power.
• I would be happy if the price was placed something around 25% less .
• There are no attractive lights which can be found in any other same priced product or toys.
• Cushioning should be softer used on the floor.

• It looks cute and attractive.
• Have vibrant colors which are perfect for an infant.
• The material used is top notch and is of very good quality. I mean no one wants to compromise with their baby’s health.
• The product is of average size but still manageable. It fits anywhere, in car, cupboard etc.
• Its very easy to assemble just few steps and it is ready for use. This made it easier to carry anywhere.
• The bed size is quite good and can be used for up to 3 year kid.
• The sound is not too loud which is better and it’s pleasing to ears.
• The mat seems to be washable which is also good.
• The piano placed in the bottom encourages infants to kick it which is quite a pleasure to see.
• The hanging toy is cute and attractive and also helps in gripping things.
• Price is high but the product is worth the price. Its good if you want a quality product.

Is Fisher Price Kick ‘N’ Play Piano Gym worth buying? Final Conclusion

I would recommend this to everyone who wants to gift something special and unique to their little ones. It directly affects the health and activity of the child which makes it special for infants. This is a must buy toy. Everyone should try this.